Hostel PRO Features List

Hostel PRO will serve you both as simple reservation system and website for your hostel or small hotel.

Manage Rooms

You can create unlimited number of hostel / hotel rooms. For each room specify number of beds, room type (private or dorm), bathroom (shared on ensuite), and set default price per bed or for the whole room per night. The price can easily fluctuate based on various conditions - you will learn more about this at the "Discount and Surcharges" section.

Online Bookings by Paypal or Stripe

The plugin supports instant activation of bookings paid by Paypal (Hostel & Hostel PRO) or Stripe (Hostel PRO). You can also choose manual booking which allows you accept bank wires, checques, or just to iform the guests about the amount due on arrival.

Multiple bookings mode allows you to enable multiple bookings with a single session / payment.

Searchable List of Bookings

There is searchable list of past and upcoming bookings. At any given time you'll know what guests to expect, you'll be able to check what bookings have been paid and mark payments received in cash at the desk.

Customizable Booking Form

It's super easy to publish a booking form anywhere on your site. There is a shortcode for this. But what if you want to customize it? No problem. You can add any number of custom fields and then rearrange them freely in the WordPress editor or with CSS.

Set Unavailable Dates

If you are a small hostel or seasonal BnB owner there are dates when your property won't be available. Set these dates here and don't worry that someone would book the Christmas evening. You can even specify rooms that will be unavailable so you can schedule maintenance one room at a time without closing the hotel.

Discount and Surcharges

It's easy to set the same price for every day. But you'll make more money if you raise the prices at given time and lower them in the slow season or slow days of the week. You can also attract more guests by distributing discount coupon codes. So here you can do all of this.

This is also the way to set seasonal prices, something very common in this industry.

Manage Addon Services

You can offer bike rentals, extra beds, dinner etc. at additional prices. Addon services can be automatically applied per person or per day, or you can let the guest choose how many of them to add.

Reports and Charts

Which rooms is most occupied? What room type brings you most profits? How much you earned 9 days ago? All the answers are here.

Room Calendars and Other Shortcodes

There is a very easy to use shortcode that will list your rooms along with date selector - so guests can see availability and price, and book right from there. But sometimes you'll want to create custom designed pages with pictures and information about every room. There is a shortcode for availability calendar which you can place on such pages. It will show the guests when the room is available, and if you select so, they'll be able to start booking right from this page.

Synchronize with Other Services

Each room provides a calendar of future bookings in iCal / .ics format for synchronizing with sites and services like TripAdvisor etc.
You can also enter one iCal URL for each room from which it will import bookings in the system.

Premium Support

Hostel PRO comes with premium support. If you need help, we will be there to answer your questions. Please visit our Help and Support page.


Some of the features are included in the free Hostel plugin.

And More:

  • One year of FREE upgrades
  • One year of FREE support
  • Instant delivery
  • License valid forever
  • Open source code
  • Ready for translation
  • 60 days refund policy

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Ensuite Module Features List

The Ensuite Module is an addon that works together with Hostel PRO. It can be added to your installation any time without disturbing your data or settings.

Thank-You Notices and Email Reminders

Set up email reminders for upcoming bookings. The reminders can contain information about the dates of stay, the chosen room, amount due, etc. You can also set up thank-you notices to users after they leave.

Manage Staff Members and Roles

The Ensuite module lets you create records for all your staff members. There are two fixed roles - housekeeper and receptionist. You can add your custom roles and organize all your staff, along with contact details, date they started work etc.

Room Cleaning Schedule

You can create and print out a room cleaning schedule for the day. The plugin can also automatically create the schedule depending on which rooms / beds will be free in the given day. It will also equally distribute the rooms among your housekeepers.

Manage Expenses

Keep track of all your expenses per-room or globally. These will also be shown in the Advanced Report and let you see your financial result for a given period.