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You can have a look and play with a live sandbox installation: at

You can login as user sandbox with password 123456

This sandbox is accessible by everyone. So any tests you do might be modified or deleted by someone else.

The sandbox installation includes the Ensuite Module.

The sandbox blog runs standard WordPress installation with the Twenty Twelve theme.

Front End Demo

We have created a couple of rooms and published some pages in tis demo. You can explore this demo like a visitor who wants to book a room.

View Demo Here

What's in this demo?

Home Page

The home page of the demo blog is pointed to a page containing the standard [hostelpro-list] shortcode. We have entered four rooms in the system - two dorm rooms and two private rooms, two rooms with shared bathroom and two ensuites.

If you click to book a room it will take you to the booking form. We have published the booking form in the "Make Your Booking" page which is also listed in the menu.

Two of the rooms have extra text to illustrate how you can add descriptions in the rooms listing.

The Booking Form

The booking form is also accessible from the menu. This lets a visitor go directly to the booking page and choose a room. You can of course keep this form in a page that is not listed in the main site navigation.

A Static Page: The Twin Private Ensuite

The generic shortcode for listing rooms does a great job but you may also want to create your own pages describing each of your rooms. There you can add images, videos, galleries - just everything you can do in WordPress.

Then using the booking calendar shortcode from Hostel PRO you can place a dynamic availability with a booking button right on the page. See how this works here.

And More:

  • One year of FREE upgrades
  • One year of FREE support
  • Instant delivery
  • License valid forever
  • Open source code
  • Ready for translation
  • 60 days refund policy

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